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Welcome to the Inclusive Access Program!

Dear Student:

Welcome to the Inclusive Access program,  Slippery Rock University’s digital course material delivery service.  This program provides you access to online material at the guaranteed lowest price,  where you would otherwise be required to purchase in the bookstore or the publisher’s website.

When D2L opens for the start of your current term,  you will have immediate access to your online course material through SRU’s drop/add period.  Your student account has already been charged the discounted rate for your course material.  Please go onto the bookstore website or view your student account to determine the cost of your material.  Please go to Red Shelf for instructions on how to access digital content through D2L.

If you decide that you do not want to purchase the materials through the Inclusive Access program, you can respond to this email with your course/section information, and we will opt you out.  You will also have the ability to opt out through the D2L site once you have access to your course material.  If you decide to opt out,  you will receive a refund on your SRU student account.  However,  you must opt out before the end of the drop/add period.  For detailed instructions on how to opt out on D2L,  please view the Tutorial. If you have any questions or need further assistance,  please contact Kevin Taylor. Please note that if you do opt out of the Inclusive Access program,  you will no longer have access to the materials needed to complete the class and the bookstore will not have the materials available in store.

More information about accessing Inclusive Access through D2L is available directly at Red Shelf and if you should need further support,  you can find that here.

Thank You,

- The SGA Bookstore Inclusive Access Team

How to access Inclusive Access for Students

Inclusive Access (IA) with RedShelf provides students with access to eBooks and publisher courseware at a discounted price.

If your course is enrolled in Inclusive Access, you were billed through your tuition.

You do not need to purchase anything else. You may choose to Opt Out of the Inclusive Access program and get a refund. If you choose to opt-out you will be responsible for finding the course materials, it will not be available in the bookstore.

If your instructor is using an ebook ONLY without a learning platform, you’ll follow the below steps

1. Log into D2L using Chrome as your browser and allow pop ups (Safari will not work)

2. Click on “Content”, then “Course Materials” or “RedShelf Course Materials”

3. Click “RedShelf ebook” then it will take you to your MyShelf

If your instructor is using an ebook along with a learning platform, you’ll follow the below steps (example MyLab, Connect, MindTap)

1. Log into D2L using Chrome as your browser and allow pop ups (Safari will not work)

2. Under my courses select your class

3. Under “course home” on the top right-hand side you’ll click on the materials link, this takes you to the publisher website and the product

If you are still having trouble, click this link .